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For this work see my messages and comments of many people that tell us such a setting so that we can hide the picture of our friend


Many people do work, today’s time is on, but today there are many people who do not understand this work yet.


Meaning we do not understand how we have to hide the picture with our friend and he is not visible to anyone again.


It is very easy to work, but there are some people who do not know how to operate their mobile properly, then they do not understand how we have set this setting.


Setting the setting is not difficult, it is a very easy task and it is very easy to understand and understand its setting.


For this work, even without a lot of application, they set the setting in their mobile because the setting in their mobile is true.


If such chatting is present in your mobile like you can do this work then you will be easy to do any work


Because if the setting in your mobile is such that you can do this work, then you do not need any application, you can do this work without the application.


If you do not get this setting in your mobile then you can easily open the setting in your mobile itself.


What you have to do is to go to the settings of your mobile, see the option of social turbo, if you get any option, then you will get to see this option in it.


Now how do you find the option of social turbo, you have to go to the settings of your mobile and search there, if this option comes in front of you, then it means the option in your mobile.


And if you do not get time to see the option in your mobile, then what you have to do, you have to set up an application in your mobile that can work on its own.


It is asked a lot about the application that tell us any such application which can do this work for us in a very good way.


Because in today’s time there are many people who do not know about a good application because many applications come in front of them.


Meaning if you have to download any application in your phone, then you go to Google or go to play store, then many applications come in front of you there.


But there are 7 people who do not understand which of these applications is good and in which our work can also be done, which we can understand and we do not have any issue in it.


A lot of messages and comments also come about this to tell us which application can do this work in a good way.


We saw many messages by giving many such comments, but there were some such comments in which the answer was available.


i read some comments on my there, in which people commented that if you tell us about any good application, then there were also some replies to them.


Some people had told you about such an application in the comment, which was a really good application of service and it was very easy to work on them and understand them.


The best thing is that there were some such applications in them, where I will give you exactly the same application, there people also told each other in the comments.


So today where I am sharing exactly the same application with you because with this your work will be done in many ways.


Hopefully after this you will not face any issue anywhere and even if you face any issue somewhere, then if you do this work by understanding then it will not make sense.


What you have to do, before doing your work, you have to understand it well that how these works are done so that you do not face any issue in it.


There are many people like you even today, who do any work with understanding, then they do not make any sense in it.


By doing this, you get the benefit that even if you do the work that you cannot do on mobile, then that too will be done.


And all the work that can be done on your mobile but you do not understand them and start doing that work, even then your work will not be done because you will not have understood that work.


Like where the application I will give you is very easy to understand, it is very easy to work on it because in this you get to see these options right in front.


And the best thing is that the advantage of this application is that it works on every mobile and every mobile phone also supports it.


I have liked what I have noted about this application, because it is not so important to understand it because you yourself start to understand when you start working on it.


All those people who do not understand any chatting in this, then they should do that work in which they have their own advantage.


But if you tell an application and you do not understand anything in it, then you should ask again the one who told you about the application.


because that one guy can help you explain what you have to do because he will know how he explained the application to you


In the same way, if you do not understand anything that I tell, then you are asking me in the last so that I can help you with that


If you have seen a video, you have learned something from there and you do not understand, then you can ask by commenting below this video so that your problem will be solved.


Commenting also benefits that many people are present there who keep helping each other, in which you can also benefit.


I also explain to a lot of people in exactly the same way that if you do not understand something, then you must ask because if you ask, you will get the solution of your issue.


And if you will not ask anything to anyone and keep changing the setting of your own free will, then you may get to see some issue somewhere in it.


And then your work will not be what you want to do, so try not to do any such work that will not be your work.


And if any application does not work in your mobile, then immediately delete it from your mobile so that you have to return to your mobile and nothing happens to your mobile.


Try, whenever you set up a new application in your mobile, then make space in the mobile, remove any unnecessary application which is not working.


Because if your mobile was good, how will it run, it will support you in a good way, now it will support the work, then your mobile will do all your work very easily.


Hope you have understood everything, if you do not understand anything, then you can ask here by commenting below.

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